Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Start free for - a refrigeration management system

At the first of June 2012 we start operating, a management system for refrigeration units, as well as general actions taken on user defined objects.

For the refrigeration business, offers a complete management of master data, refrigeration units and used refrigerants. With the built in analyses  you can quick get an overview of the trend on used refrigerants e.g.
As all the data are optional, you are - if wanted - able to manage your units quite anonymous. is a multi lingual system. For the moment, the languages english, german, french, italian, polish, spanish and swedish are native supported.
We intend to implement approximately 30 languages.

State of the art technology has made it possible to keep the price very low. As we won‘t calculate any fee for the sole management, there is no reason more to use excel tables.

In a forthcoming extension of the system, we will integrate a document management system, where you can store you units documentation.